Increase conversions & ROAS
– decrease workload

Amanda is a service where you don’t need to spend any time setting-up campaigns and still have full control of your Google account. Spend just 5 minutes defining your unique selling points, then let us do the rest! Amanda will create ads in both Google Search and Google Shopping. We will increase the amount of relevant traffic to your site and take care of the management of your Google Ads – the only thing you need to do after the setup is to manage the budget. No onsite installation is needed.

Our offering

This is what we offer

No 01 :

Automatic keyword generation, including longtail

No. 02:

Automatic campaign generation

No. 03:

Automatic Ad generation with translation to 60+ languages

No. 04:

Bid optimization for Google Shopping & Google Ads

No. 05:

Google Shopping feed optimization

No. 06:

Demographics optimization for Google Ads