Amanda Ai

We provide a completely superior marketing solution for Google Ads, using artificial intelligence.

We are driven by the firm belief that search engine management is the perfect case for automation.

Working late on your digital marketing strategies?

Call it a day. Some things are better left to machines.

Amanda is a Swedish AI solution that was started by the company Pridac (PRID Algorithm Company). The idea for an automatic SEM solution was born out of dissatisfaction for the available digital marketing solutions and a firm belief that SEM was perfect for automation.

There are two main inherent problems with traditional SEM
  • There is too much information in digital marketing to handle manually, making the medium less effective.
  • It takes up too much time for the clients.

By optimizing the process we are decreasing our client’s workload and increasing their return on investment – in the simplest way possible. Our ambition is to have all of our solutions built solely on data, and made simple so that everyone can use them.

This is what you get with Amanda Ai

  • Keyword generation, including longtail.
  • Campaign generation.
  • Ad generation. Translating 60+ languages.
  • Bid optimization for Google Shopping & Google Ads.
  • Google Shopping feed optimization
  • Demographic optimization for Google Ads
  • Time left for Your business.

Constant optimization

Amanda Ai will automatically and continuously optimize your Google Ad spend.


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